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Podcast Packages

Our podcast packages are for those of us who want a podcast but don't want to do all the busy work that comes along with it. We offer three different packages to accommodate to your podcasting needs. You record and we do the rest, including:

  • pre-production consulting
  • edit and clean your audio
  • website creation
  • logo creation
  • social media presence 
  • uploading to various platforms including iTunes
  • a one-year Soundcloud subscription
  • more

Podcast Package A

Podcast Package A


Our simplest yet effective podcast package. Included in this package you will receive two hours of podcast consulting to help start or improve your podcast, determine the right equipment, identify ways to improve your podcast, or troubleshoot.  Also included is two hours worth of editing and converting and uploading your audio files.

  • Editing out any major gaps in the conversation to ensure the conversation flows smoothly.
  • Audio-production enhancements, including vocal balancing, vocal compression, noise reduction, hiss/hum removal, and equalization.
  • Mixing in any intros, outros, commercials, or music bumpers.
  • Converting to high quality MP3.
  • Completed MP3 delivered to either your Dropbox folder or media host.