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Rondo: Beyond The Pavement, the podcast

The stories you will hear on this podcast are from the people who lived or live in the Rondo neighborhood in St. Paul, Minnesota.

In the 1920’s Rondo, Saint Paul’s largest African American neighborhood was flourishing. With music, theatre, African-American newspapers and businesses booming the community was thriving.

Until September of 1956, when construction of interstate 94 tore through the rondo community. Rondo homeowners resisted the construction and protests began. Residents were forcefully removed from their homes. Thousands of Rondo homeowners were displaced. Homes and successful businesses were demolished and a community was torn apart.

The construction of 94 shattered homes, businesses and families. It did not shatter Rondo’s spirit.

These are the stories of Rondo: Beyond the Pavement.

Katey DeCelleComment