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Audio editing service


Audio Editing service

Our professional audio editing includes the process of cleaning, splicing, adding, consolidating and deleting parts of a recorded sound file. When an audio file is recorded, it may contain unintentional sounds, unwanted pauses, misspoken words, or unwanted background noise. We help in rearranging , cleaning and splicing audio so that the final product is without error and consistent to listen to.

Sounds Powerful audio editing will:

  • Remove unwanted words, sentences and sections.

  • Remove and edit unwanted fillers like umm, ahh. Remove coughs, unintentional breaks etc.

  • Remove long pauses and silence wherever they occur in the file.

  • Edit out unwanted noise.

  • Correct volume issues.

  • Splice intro/outro music

  • Make your music/loops perfectly synced to the tempo, without any jerks or glitches.

Our rates our based on our hourly work. For one hour of editing work, it is usually a 30 minute piece we are working on. For audio editing, we charge $180 per hour.

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Audio Editing Service

Audio Editing Service