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When you use your voice, you voice your power.


Sounds Powerful

Sounds Powerful productions began in 2016 after seeing the demand for podcasts and audio services rise. What began as a few meetings with friends to share knowledge of podcasting, quickly transformed into a business.

We are here to streamline your podcasting process. From consulting with you on the how to's of podcasting, to editing your audio tracks, to recording and mixing meditations, we are here to make your voice be heard. 

Our words have the power to change our lives ,and the lives of those we have yet to reach. We at Sounds Powerful know how important recording the spoken word is.  From recording stories at your grandmother's 80th birthday party, to editing and marketing your podcast to recording and editing your your graduation speech, Sounds Powerful is here for all your audio needs. 

We are skilled in the art of storytelling, podcast equipment, website building and audio editing. Editing audio is time consuming and we understand that you want to focus on what you do best, creating content.

You create the content, we create the podcasting magic.


Audio is one of the most intimate forms of media. As a listener, we are constantly creating our own images from the audio in our minds.   Listening, unlike reading or watching, is more active, because our brains process the information at the pace it is played. Recording audio stories lets us capture a moment, to be listened to and re-lived by many, for years to come.


The popularity of audio storytelling owes a lot to technology. Smartphones allow us to listen to pretty much anything at anytime, anywhere. According to Edison Research, 64 percent of 12- to 24-year-olds and 37 percent of 25- to 54-year-olds in the US listen to audio online at least once a week


Don't know where to start? Book a one-on-one phone consulting session.

We at Sounds Powerful know how powerful one voice can be. We also know how overwhelming starting a podcast is.  That's why we offer our podcasting knowledge and skills to you. Ours consulting services are a great first step on the way to your very own podcast. Make your voice heard.

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We hired Sounds Powerful to record the stories people had of my late husband at his memorial. They were so kind and professional. It is such a wonderful gift to have these stories for our family to listen to, thank you!
— Jenny P.
WOW! They took my home-made recordings, cleaned up the sound, added music and put them on my website. Both me and my clients are so happy with them!
— Julie W.
We had a phone consultation with Katharine from Sounds Powerful and in just an hour, she helped us define our audience, narrow down our topic and outline our first two shows. The homework she gave us allowed us to launch our podcast in under one month!
— Zachary P.
Sounds Powerful took all of our audio and made it sound pretty. They even developed a logo for us, email address and started Soundcloud and iTunes accounts for our podcast!
— Melvin L.
The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.
— Coco Chanel